Monday, April 5, 2010

Creative Bookmarks by Sarah's Art Journal

In one of my last entries, we celebrated Bookmark Day hosted by Bibliophile by the Sea. In that entry I talked about my unexpected bookmark collection. I forgot to include all the bookmarks my sister has made throughout the years. Sometimes, I tend to give them away since I always think she will replace them and then I realize I don't have any! It was not until later, after I posted, that I realized I had not included the bookmarks Sarah from Sarah's Art Journal has made not only for my personal use but for school events, book club meetings, nonprofit organizations, friends, etc., and just because...She really doesn't have to have a specific reason...And not only because I forgot but also because I think she deserves a solo entry, I want to share with you her unique and inspiring artwork. Everytime I ask her (too many to count!), since we teachers always need something for our students, to design posters or bookmarks, I know we can count with her! The last one she made is for the seven school challenge Battle of the Books that will be held in G.W. Carver Elementary on May 15th 2010. For our last book club meeting she made the one you see here. Her inspiration is author/illustratoer Eric Carle, and her art style or medium is collage. You can also see a bit of illustrator Mary Engelbreit (who she also loves!) and likes to use famous quotes in her artwork.
I wanted to share this with you because I support her in her artistic journey.  These bookmarks are not only the utilitarian use of a bookmark but they mean so much more. These are the bookmarks that mark her journey as an artist. Each one she makes is a confirmation of  her validity as an artist, of getting closer to "making something of herself", like this quote reads. She's also a  consumate reader and  makes them with a passion only book readers like you and I feel...A love for books and the written language that only Book Lovers understand!

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  1. I am smiling and bit teary with all the beautiful things you have said. Thanks for always ecouranging me to pursue my dream, in installing a love for books and encouranging me to open myself to a whole new world. I couldn't be prouder to have such a wonderful sister like you!