Monday, April 5, 2010

The Art of Reading- Home and Away

As I grow as a reader, the more I want to enjoy and learn from different genres of literature. I find it so liberating when you can read just for the pleasure of it, not having to think about exams, grades...or even what other people think.  I have been wanting to get more out my reading and was thinking about taking a college class, but money is tight, so I was looking for other options. Then a few months ago I received the catalog The Great Courses from The Teaching Company and  was amazed at the variety of courses they offer in CD and DVD formats. Immediately, the course titled The Art of Reading caught my attention. This course is a 24 lecture/30 minute course by Professor Timothy Spurgin from Lawrence University. I just started last week and already can tell that by the time I finish, my reading life will have changed. The great thing is that it's like going to a college class, without having to drive, find parking, etc., and then you can do it at your own pace, no exams, either. And a lot cheaper! If you are looking to go further in your reading, I highly recommend it. Some of the themes that are covered are dialogue, adaptation, scenes and summaries, patterns, chapters, as well as many others.
Sarah, from Sarah's Art Journal,  brought to my attention the Reader's Retreat organized by Squam Art Workshops in New Hampshire. I wish I could go! The website says that it's not a bookclub and that it's for people "who honestly believe there simply aren't enough hours in the day to spend nuzzled between the pages of a good book." The picture above shot by photographer Thea Coughlin, has made an impact on me. I wish I had a place like that or could go! Don't you want to go, too?? The retreat takes place from Wednesday, September 1-Sunday, September 5, 2010. It looks like a great opportunity and even though I am not planning on attending, well, things can change...I may win the Lotto over the summer and be able to go...You never know!

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  1. I wish I could go too! its a dream place for readers - Thank you for mentioning my blog :)
    PS: maybe we will win the lotto by than and we could go :)