Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My thoughts on The Help by Kathryn Stockett

My friend Ana was the first person to talk to me about this book. Yes, I had read awesome reviews in my most trusted website, bookreporter.com but I had forgotten about it by the time the book was released. As a matter of fact, this book was not even part of our book club pick, but most of us -book club members- had picked it up in one way or the other. What a book! It really blew us away. The characters still linger in my mind, even though I read it a few months back. I am writing this specially for the Amy Einhorn Books Perpetual Challenge at Beth Fish Reads. Thanks to Beth Fish reads, I am more aware of this publisher and want to read the rest of the books. I believe in my heart that this book will become an American classic. There are three main characters: Skeeter, Aibileen and Minny. Each one is defined, each one of them grows as the book progesses. And although it talks about serious matters, it's full of humour as well. I don't want to give much away because I want you to discover it. This book should have DANGER written all over it. Danger in that, when you start, you soon get to a point where you can't put it down...This book will want you to cancel appointments, not answer the phone, not go to work, feed macarroni and cheese out of the box to your children. Their story will change you and the only problem is that once you are done, you have to say goodbye to those incredible characters. Great selection for a book club as well.


  1. I'm so glad you liked this one. I think Amy Einhorn has an amazing eye for picking books.

  2. That's just how I felt when I was reading it - that I was walking around in a daze counting the minutes til I could get back to reading it!