Friday, February 26, 2010

Chris Bohjalian at Books and Books-Secrets of Eden

On Wednesday night I went with my friend Ana to see author Chris Bohjalian at Books and Books, Coral Gables and the release of his new book, Secrets of Eden. The only book I have read by this author is Before You Know Kindness. I read it for my book club but it's not one of my favorites. Regardless of this I wanted to go. By reading my blog, you may already have realized that I trust my friend Ana so I went. One of the great things he shared with us was that the National Endowment of the Arts had a recent published study where it states that reading went up 2 % in 2009; from 48% to 50%. He shared funny stories about his book tour. Also, he talked about his research process. It was fascinating. He says that about every two years he is fascinated about certain subjects he later does research on. Several participants could not stop talking about another one of his books Skeletons of the Feast, a historical fiction book. That book, he told us came from a friend's family diary friend. They raved about it. Also, the participants asked about Midwives. That book was an Oprah Book Club and again, my friend Ana and another person were amazed of how he was able to get into the mind and soul of a woman. It really has me intrigued and well, now I have another two books on my TBR list! I got the book and he was gracious to sign it for me (as you can see in the picture). I am planning to read it ASAP. I don't when...My shelves are over flooding and I always have too many things to read...Sometimes, I feel so overwhelmed about what to read, I don't know where to start. Does this happen to you?

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