Saturday, June 25, 2011

Lisa See at Books and Books, Coral Gables

My Dear Followers:
Boy, have I missed you! I have been stressed out during the school year and the truth is that reading was placed in the back burner. I so want to go back to the joys of reading and did not know where to start my reading summer. Then, I got a post card that best-selling author, Lisa See would be here in South Florida, promoting the much anticipated Dreams of Joy, sequel to Shanghai Girls. I was honored to be selected to introduce Lisa at a packed event in the Coral Gables store where attendees got to listen to her speak about her new book and soon-to-be released motion picture based on her book, Snow Flower and the Secret Fan. The food at the Gables Cafe was, needless to say, delicious! If you live in Miami or plan to come to the area during the summer, you must visit the booksore and have dinner/lunch as well. I would like to share my intro:

Bienvenida Lisa to Books and Books!

It is a great honor for me today to introduce you to Lisa See, internationally acclaimed author, loved by so many readers around the world, specially Book Clubs, like mine, who feel that few authors like her understands the complexities of family relationships and women friendships .

Lisa See, author of such beloved books as Peony in Love, Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, now a motion picture soon to be released (and we already it will be a ticketbox hit!), and Shanghai Girls, comes to present her latest and much anticipated book, DREAMS OF JOY, continuing the story of sisters Pearl and May from Shanghai Girls, and Pearl’s strong-willed nineteen-year-old daughter, Joy.

Lisa See has brilliantly illuminated in her books the potent bonds of mother love, romantic love, friendship, sisterhood and love of country. As my friend Patty so eloquently told me this morning, “Her characters have the courage to say things that most people think but are not brave enough to say”.

Lisa I read in a column written by you for about how grateful you are for “the inspiration and courage book clubs give writers to sit down, be vulnerable to emotions (and possible criticism), and write from the heart.”

Well Lisa See, we your readers are the ones that are in book clubs are actually the ones that thank YOU for giving ud courageous characters that stir our emotrions and inspire us.
Thank you Lisa for being an wuthor who writes from the heart.
And, finally from the heart of Little Havana, I present to you a Guayabera blouse and a How to Make Cuban Coffee kit, with directions in English and perfect if you need to write many hours and not fall asleep! One small cup will do the trick.

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  1. This is so weird because my Best GF just told me about Snow Flower and the Secret Fan and how it reminded her of my daughter...then I follow you over here and are talking about the same author!! I will definitely have to read her books!!

    I love how you promote books on your blog and the word bookcation...that is exactly what it is :D