Saturday, June 25, 2011

Lisa See at Books and Books, Coral Gables

My Dear Followers:
Boy, have I missed you! I have been stressed out during the school year and the truth is that reading was placed in the back burner. I so want to go back to the joys of reading and did not know where to start my reading summer. Then, I got a post card that best-selling author, Lisa See would be here in South Florida, promoting the much anticipated Dreams of Joy, sequel to Shanghai Girls. I was honored to be selected to introduce Lisa at a packed event in the Coral Gables store where attendees got to listen to her speak about her new book and soon-to-be released motion picture based on her book, Snow Flower and the Secret Fan. The food at the Gables Cafe was, needless to say, delicious! If you live in Miami or plan to come to the area during the summer, you must visit the booksore and have dinner/lunch as well. I would like to share my intro:

Bienvenida Lisa to Books and Books!

It is a great honor for me today to introduce you to Lisa See, internationally acclaimed author, loved by so many readers around the world, specially Book Clubs, like mine, who feel that few authors like her understands the complexities of family relationships and women friendships .

Lisa See, author of such beloved books as Peony in Love, Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, now a motion picture soon to be released (and we already it will be a ticketbox hit!), and Shanghai Girls, comes to present her latest and much anticipated book, DREAMS OF JOY, continuing the story of sisters Pearl and May from Shanghai Girls, and Pearl’s strong-willed nineteen-year-old daughter, Joy.

Lisa See has brilliantly illuminated in her books the potent bonds of mother love, romantic love, friendship, sisterhood and love of country. As my friend Patty so eloquently told me this morning, “Her characters have the courage to say things that most people think but are not brave enough to say”.

Lisa I read in a column written by you for about how grateful you are for “the inspiration and courage book clubs give writers to sit down, be vulnerable to emotions (and possible criticism), and write from the heart.”

Well Lisa See, we your readers are the ones that are in book clubs are actually the ones that thank YOU for giving ud courageous characters that stir our emotrions and inspire us.
Thank you Lisa for being an wuthor who writes from the heart.
And, finally from the heart of Little Havana, I present to you a Guayabera blouse and a How to Make Cuban Coffee kit, with directions in English and perfect if you need to write many hours and not fall asleep! One small cup will do the trick.

Friday, December 31, 2010

Author Events in 2010 and...didn't meet my reading Challenges!

If I can summarize 2010 it would be that I was able to read, discover and follow so many incredible book blogs. I learned so much from so many of you. The wired thing is I do not know yet I feel like I do. I, sometimes, find myself quoting from a blog. How crazy is that?
Also, I was able to continue attending author events at my local, fabulous independent bookstore, Books and Books. Not only that, but I even worked there over the summer. What an experience! I can't think of a better place to have spent my summer. For some reason, I was not able to focus and read as much as I should or wanted to in 2010. I only read a total of 2,654 pages. I did some challenges but did not finish any of them!! I am not proud of this and can only say that what is done is done. Maybe I should pick my books in a way that they not only count once but twice at times...I do know that I want and need to read more! I also, spend too much time reading magazines! What can I do? I am a magazine addict...Oh! And by the way, I got hooked on Law and Order, Special Victims Unit...That took away a lot of my reading time. LOL.
On a positive note, I met and attended awesome author events. At Books and Books: Beth Hoffman, Lisa See, Chris Bohjalian, Frances O'Roark, Kristy Kiernan, Lois Lowry, Cristina Diaz Gonzalez and Rula Jebreal. At the Miami Book Fair: Heidi W. Dorrow, Joanna Smith Rakoff, Susanna Daniel, Sarah Blake, Judith Viorst, Rosemary Wells, just to name a few. Finally, I also attended author events with Spanish authors: Care Santos, Eliacer Cansino and Jordi Sierra i Fabra.
My intention is that 2011 will be a more fruitful reading year for you and also for me. I wish you many wonderful author and books in 2011. I will keep following your blogs and I thank you for stopping by and reading mine.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Dewey's Read-A-Thon/October-2010-THE END

I spent all night cheering not reading. I do not regret it. This time I did not participate in any challenges or read. Last time, I did everything...This time, I took it easy...I am not feeling 100% well and when I am like that everything just seems to take longer. On the other hand, I wanted to reconnect with the blogging community I have missed these last few months. You are amazing! I don't personally know you, it's true. But your blogs always make me think and wonder....Make me pick up books and authors, I would have not thought about...Thanks to all!

Dewey's Read-A-Thon/October-2010

As a reader I failed, as a a cheerleader I excelled....I feel so united to the word reading community...I willpost...Soon...I promise...Now, I must read, read and read...Thank you for igniting my passion for reading once more...

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Dewey's Read-A-Thon/October-2010

It's great to visit so many awesome blogs and meet readers around the world that share the passion for reading. I posted on every one's blog....As a cheerleader...Now I am going to much as I can ...and saviour every written word...because I know there are so many others who like me, treasure every word....thank you! Thanks Helen's Blog for your comment...I am looking forward in keeping up with you!

Dewey's Read-A-Thon/October-2010

I have been reading very little this time but am concentrating all my efforts in cheering all those great reader-bloggers out there. I want to thank the organizers that so selflessly give their time to organize this awesome event for all of us...Keep reading!
If you have been following my blog, I apologize for my long absence...I had technical difficulties as well as other kinds of difficulties not worth mentioning...I am back!!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Frances O'Roark Dowell-Visit and Books

On the last day before Spring Break, my school hosted well-known and loved author Frances O'Roark Dowell. She talked to our students about the writing process, what inspires her and also about her latest book, Falling In. She was great! She's down-to earth, funny and knew how to speak to the students. The teachers were thrilled to listen to her writing process anecdotes and when she left, most of them were surprised to learn that she was not a teacher. "She's like us. She is SO a teacher!". Now, if you live among teachers, you know that is a very high compliment!
I recalled the first Dowell book I read, Chicken Boy. A book cover that haunted years ago when I read it for the first time. When I was at the book store, the cover just grabbed my attention. You see a boy craddling a chicken, with sad eyes, that seem "to follow you". For some reason it's a cover that I never forgot. And it also has a story that grabs you. So, during Dewey's 24 Hour Read-a-Thon, my goal was to read and even reread some of her books.

My favorite is still Chicken Boy. The main character, Tobin McCauley is a character that just wins you over. The story flows so smoothly, you can see the story right in front of you. You will remember your Middle School days and friendships you made. The kind of friends that even if you stop seeing each other for awhile when you meet again, it's like you talked the day before. The grandmother and his best friend Henry are awesome, dimensional characters. Also, I enjoyed the music references with Al Jackson. I don't listen to country music so googled him and listened and saw several of his video on Youtube.
I also read: Phineas L. MacGuire...erupts! and Phineas L. MacGuire...gets slimed! The character made me think a lot about my son, Diego, asking questions and loving Science facts. I feel it's like The Magic School Bus in that it maked Science fun and interesting for children. Children a lot about Science, without even realizing it. It's great! We need more stories and characters like Phineas. A character that is intelligent, out-of-the-box and still COOL.  My only complaint is with the illustrations. I don't know why every time someone writes about a smart kid, the kid has to wear glasses! Why? I think we should break that stereotype.At the end of both books, kids can read instructions on diffrent experiments. I love those! They are easy to follow and do because the materials are things you find in any household.
I was not able to finish Falling In, so what I will do, since it's her latest book is write my thoughts on a separate post -very soon- and also raffle an autographed book...So, keep reading!