Monday, March 15, 2010

Bookmark Day!

The Bibliophilic Book Blog is hosting today a Bookmark Day and it couldn't have come in a better time. Just last week, I realized that without even thinking about it, I had started an unexpected bookmark collection. Each one of them came from a special person or moment in my life. There's only one missing in the photo. My father's bookmark which he used as a student in the University of Florida. Let's go down memory lane... The oldest one I bought is the bookworm; a Hallmark bookmark that I used to mark the pages of my Enid Blyton books when I was in Elementary School. The other ones are from trips and gifts...My friend Niurka brought me the red tassel one from Hong Kong; Patty gave me an elegant, classic black and white from Germany; Baldi brought a rug-like one from to Turkey; Kirrin brought me a beaded one from her native South Africa; Bonnie one from Ecuador, which I insist is a bookmark and my daughter says it's a bracelet; Ileana brought me one from Egypt and then there are two from school field trips with my daughter; one from Seville, Spain and the other one from Philadelphia. Then I have (maybe too many!)bookmarks from my favorite independent bookstore, Books and Books in Coral Gables, Fl. Yeah, they are free and don't have to travel very far to get one, but they too have a place in my collection. If you see my Books and Books bookmark, you can read the quote "I cannot sleep unless I am surrounded by books", by Jorge Luis Borges and that my dear blog friends, in a nutshell, describes my Reading Life and me.


  1. Those are some great bookmarks, thanks for sharing!


  2. I love that each bookmark has its own "story" and that you have kept them all! Its amazing how something so simple can bring back so many memories and become a sentimental treasure :) However; I think you forgot to include one more bookmark, mmmmmm can you guess? :)
    Thanks for sharing your stories - I love to follow your blog!

  3. YOu are right but those you are talking about are so popular than I was left with none! Everyone wanted one, even one person took two for two people we know....You need to make one just for me...And,please laminate it!

  4. Talking of bookmarks you used to mark Enid Blyton's books, you may be glad to learn that I have published a book on Enid Blyton, titled, The Famous Five: A Personal Anecdotage (
    Stephen Isabirye

  5. Eni, thank you for letting me know about your book! I will visit your website and learn how to get it. I grew up in Guadalajara, Mexico and know of many people around my age that grew up in other Latin American countries and we have one thing in common are her books. I LOVED them. I read once that J.K Rowling said she was one of her favorite authors too!