Sunday, March 28, 2010

Book Giveaway Winner-Shanghai Girls by Lisa See

¡Hola! Hello! I'm back. I have been under the weather lately and also having problems with my computer. But I'm back now and happy to report that the drawing was held on Friday. The drawing was held by the old-fashioned yet reliable method - little folded, papers in a shoebox... Figarito was a witness to this drawing, so you know I couldn't go wrong. I am happy to say that the first winner of Kiki's Bookcation's Giveaway of Lisa See's Shanghai Girls - autographed by the author at Books and Books, Bal Harbour Shops- is Helen at Helen's Book Blog .What makes this amazing is that Helen became the FIRST follower of this blog and now she is the winner of my FIRST book giveaway. I know Helen only by following her blogs, and have learned a lot about different Young Adult Genre authors thanks to her. She is a Teacher Librarian and by her entries, you can tell she must be an amazing one. So, Helen, I already sent you a message and congrats! And to all my other followers, please keep posted. I continue with my addiction to author events. As a mattter of fact, I had just had one at school last Friday and it was with the author of the just released book, Falling In...I'll tell you all about her, the new book and maybe just maybe, another giveaway...Keep reading...


  1. Thank you again for the book; I am very excited!

  2. Glad you are back and blogging; thanks 4 stopping by today to wish me luck with my new job!